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Bring water to a whole community this World Water Day 2014

by Shopify API March 17, 2014

Help 516 people in Ghana get clean water by purchasing a GiveMeTap bottle this World Water Day 2014!

Buy & Give » http://bit.ly/1oU1sgW

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This Saturday 22nd March is World Water Day, and we want to do something special. 

Dariwudu in Western Ghana, is home to 516 people, yet has no clean water source to drink or to use. We want to help. 

For every GiveMeTap Bottle purchased, we can give one person in Dariwudu access to clean water. That means if 516 GiveMeTap bottles are purchased, within the week, we can give a whole village the gift of water this World Water Day 2014. 

Our Challenge reach this target by Saturday 22nd March. Get a bottle for your friends and family, and share our mission so that they can spread it further. Together, we could change the lives of a whole village for generations to come. 

So… Challenge Accepted?

Buy a GiveMeTap bottle and let’s hydrate the World!

Shopify API
Shopify API


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Just after speaking with our NGO partner in Ghana about...

by Edwin Broni-Mensah February 19, 2016

Just after speaking with our NGO partner in Ghana about (frustrating) international policies on water and sanitation, and then declaring that I going work to affect things at the policy level, I get an invitation from The White House!!! Going to discuss Africa-America relations, immigration policies and more. Thank you very much God!

I was like “how did they hear/know about little old me who just touched down in USA” and then I was reminded of a quote: “when little dogs keep yapping the big dogs hear”. I’ll keep that mic in my hand and work to continue helping in anyway I can.

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