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Google for Entrepreneurs supports the GiveMeTap African clean water initiative

by Sanum Jain March 03, 2015

Buy a GiveMeTap metal water bottle, download the app, and a person in Africa gains access to clean drinking water. Google for Entrepreneurs has played a key role in GiveMeTap’s success from the beginning. It offered Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah a space to build a tight-knit team as well as an opportunity to be mentored by Google.

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by Sanum Jain November 10, 2014

The Lovie Awards would like to honour Edwin Broni-Mensah with The Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Award for starting the incredible social enterprise GiveMeTap right from his dorm room at university, and for using the Web to help people get access to clean water.

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Popping Up & Tapping Up in Birmingham.

by Sanum Jain May 01, 2014

A social enterprise with big ambitions to create a world where drinking water is free to all, is appearing in the Bullring this week.

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Free water at a tap of a button with GiveMeTap’s Android App.

by Sanum Jain March 31, 2014

A prerequisite for any business to grow is to improve their technology and GiveMeTap are no exception. With the release of the social enterprise’s new Android & iOS App this month, they hope to make a splash and give consumers easier access to water while transforming the image of social enterprises.

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A man’s attempts to build a six-pack before turning 25...

by Sanum Jain February 14, 2014

Figen Gunes talks to Edwin Broni-Mensah, who has created a genius social enterprise helping folk from the UK to Africa

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GiveMeTap and Virgin Money: What corporations and social enterprises can learn from one another

by Sanum Jain December 18, 2013

In light of working together both GiveMeTap and VirginMoney have shared their experiences and the lessons they have learnt.

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How free water in Britain could help hydrate Africa

by Ashley Warner October 14, 2013

The Manchester-based PhD student's response was to launch GiveMeTap -- a sustainable water scheme where people can buy stainless steel water bottles and refill them using a network of cafes and restaurants across Britain.


Using this concept, Broni-Mensah aimed to cut down plastic waste and use the profits from the sale of GiveMeTap water bottles to build water projects in Africa.

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Save plastic, save money, save the world with Give Me Tap

by Ashley Warner September 24, 2013

But if you, like us, think that forking out £1.20 for a miniscule bottle of mineral water is an outrage (not to mention an unnecessary use of plastic), then check out Give Me Tap. This new scheme maps out over 100 cafés and shops (and counting) that have agreed to give all you lovely people free tap water refills, without the obligation of buying anything. 

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We chat to GiveMeTap founder Edwin after his £10k Be The Start win

by Ashley Warner September 11, 2013

GiveMeTap was founded by Edwin after he experienced difficulties accessing tap water while out and about. As a result, he founded GiveMeTap and created a reusable stainless steel bottle that he believes can change the world. Each GiveMeTap bottle purcharsed enables you to get free tap water from a network of cafes in the UK; reduces plastic bottle waste and saves people money. Furthermore, every GiveMeTap bottle sold helps to provide one person in Africa with clean water.

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Transforming Lives Using Tap Water #MindtheTap

by Ashley Warner August 20, 2013

With the new #MindTheTap campaign, Edwin has successfully tapped cafes all along zone 1 of the London underground. GiveMeTap aims to keep Londoners hydrated and happy during their commute throughout the year. Achieving success with corporates like Deloitte and Pizza Hut have also been huge milestones in the GiveMeTap journey and the team hopes to secure a lot more corporate deals over the months to come.

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Free tap water: Will cafés be persuaded by a man with a bottle?

by Ashley Warner August 15, 2013

University of Manchester graduate Broni-Mensah, now 28, set up GiveMeTap, a scheme in which you buy a £12 stainless steel bottle to refill with free tap water at one of hundreds of participating restaurants and cafés across the country.


Not only does this benefit dehydrated commuters (there are 750 faintings every year on the London Underground), it’s good for the environment, as it cuts the use of harmful plastics. Broni-Mensah promises that for every two bottles sold, one person in a developing country gets clean drinking water for life.

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Interview with Sanum from GiveMeTap

by Ashley Warner August 06, 2013

LC: How would you explain the concept to someone on the Tube?

SJ: It’s a really simple concept! Almost every tube commuter has experienced the stuffy, uncomfortable conditions of hot rush hour. Buying water to keep hydrated can be really expensive and also wasteful. We’ve set up a network of over 100 cafés/eateries (we call them Taps) in London where you can refill your GiveMeTap bottle on the go, without the obligation of buying anything. No questions. No hassle. We’re growing our network of cafes extensively through our new campaign, MindTheTap, so that you are never more than 4 minutes away from free water once you get of the tube.

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Heat Wave Survival- TapUp

by Ashley Warner August 01, 2013

This summer, to combat the dangers of heat on the Underground, and reduce the just under 750 annual faintings, GiveMeTap has launched its own London hydration campaign called MindTheTap. - See more at: http://www.projectdirt.com/project/7783/#!/journal_entry/19101

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Social enterprise keeps commuters happy and healthy with free water

by Ashley Warner July 31, 2013

While some may seek unconventional ways to stay cool on the tube, GiveMeTap is offering free water refills throughout London. 

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GiveMeTap partners with Deloitte to help fund water projects in Africa and reduce plastic cup waste

by Ashley Warner July 31, 2013

Young social enterprise, GiveMeTap, has partnered with leading business advisory firm, Deloitte, securing a contract to provide the firm’s UK staff with reusable GiveMeTap water bottles.


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To Do List- Free London Water Map

by Ashley Warner July 31, 2013

We are thrilled to promote GiveMeTap a new way of drinking water in London without using 1000s of plastic bottles a year and helping those in Africa to get access to clean water.

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MindTheTap Brings Free Drinking Water to London: Rehydration at no cost, wherever you go

by Ashley Warner July 31, 2013

The idea that nothing is free in London is disproved withGiveMeTap’s rebooted campaign, MindTheTap. Commuters and tourists alike will be able to stay hydrated with ease this summer thanks to this drinking water campaign. With the hot weather that is currently taking over England, nothing is more crucial than the availability of clean drinking water.

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Green SME GiveMeTap signs major water bottle deal with Deloitte

by Ashley Warner July 25, 2013

Small eco-friendly water bottle outfit GiveMeTap has signed a major contract to supply corporate giant Deloitte with more than 10,000 of its re-usable aluminium bottles.

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Shops jump in to charity water scheme

by Ashley Warner July 22, 2013

The ‘GiveMeTap’ campaign sells reusable water bottles to people across the world to improve the lives of Africans in poverty. After paying £10, the owners of the special bottles get access to tap water in shops across the world.

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World Water Day: How Water Scarcity Is Becoming a Reality

by Ashley Warner March 22, 2013

Last year at the TEDxYouth@Hackney conference, GiveMeTap founder, Edwin Broni-Mensah gave an inspiring talk about how GiveMeTap is committed to making sure every individual has access to clean water. He came up with an initiative to save water by raising awareness about water wastage, as well as raising funds to build wells and boreholes in Africa where people can access clean water. GiveMeTap is UK’s first water refill network that allows people to buy a refill bottle and access free tap water from organisations who support GiveMeTap and the money that is raised from these purchases contributes towards water development works in Africa. So far, GiveMeTap has helped 3,000 people get access to clean water. GiveMeTap also raises awareness on water crisis and how we can do our part in reducing water waste.

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Tapping in to our conscience... The Employable talks to 'GiveMeTap' Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah

by Ashley Warner October 19, 2011

A GiveMeTap user benefits from saving money, staying hydrated for free, and also having a social conscience…The Café benefits from have a social conscience and also the increase in footfall from people coming into their premises…The environment benefits from not having to deal with tons of plastic bottle waste….and the Developing World benefits from having money ‘pumped’ in to local Water projects.

Simple. But Brilliant. 

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GiveMeTap - Making our world a fountain

by Ashley Warner July 31, 2011

GiveMeTap is not just about fewer bottles, less recycling and money savings, it's about understanding why those things are a problem today, and finding innovative and sustainable solutions. We envision a future where around every corner there is access to the gift of fresh water. GiveMeTap are always looking for ways to make drinking water hassle-free, fast, and cheap when you need it most: on-the-go.

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Britain's new entrepreneurs: young guns go for it

by Edwin Broni-Mensah March 05, 2011

Edwin Broni-Mensah, you could argue, is an academic or a philanthropist whose scheme is either naively idealistic or brilliant or both. Either way, as soon as you've read about his idea, you'll be kicking yourself for not having thought of it. We're sitting beside the Serpentine on an unusually warm winter morning in London's Hyde Park. Broni-Mensah is patiently expounding the perils of toxic BPA plastic bottles while I try to hide my bottle out of shame. Phasing out these hateful bottles is the aim of his project, now in its second year. Two minutes in, he spots mine, politely balks and I apologise. Major eco fail.

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Manchester student's water plan for Africa

by Edwin Broni-Mensah August 04, 2010

A student has created a re-usable water bottle to raise money to irrigate drought-stricken African countries.

Edwin Broni-Mensah has launched "Give Me Tap", a business that enables people to fill a special aluminium bottle with water at eateries across Manchester.

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