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  • The African-inspired limited edition bottle created in partnership with artist Sarah Owusu. Both the company and the artist believe that having strong values and practising them must be at the foundation in all that we do especially when running a business.

    To show this we showered a bottle with four key Adinkra symbols which derive from Ghana and Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast). They are visual symbols which represent concepts or aphorisms. We decided on Gye Nyame which translates to "Only God", Akoma which symbolises love, the heart and ties into patience and tolerance, Adinkranehene which symbolises "Authority" and Mpatapo which symbolises "Harmony".

    Every GiveMeTap bottle sold provides someone living in Africa with 5 years of clean water.

27 sold. Campaign finished on Sat, Nov 25

Goal was reached and helped 27 people in Africa get clean water.

Story behind the bottle

As part of our 5th year celebration, GiveMeTap has launched a brand new initiative to work with a talented artist and use their artwork to bring GiveMeTap bottles to life. We’ve partnered with the brilliant Sarah Owusu to create the first ever African inspired water bottle collection, ‘Owusuism’.

Sarah’s work has been consistently inspired by Africa and in particular, her Ghanaian heritage. She strives to show how we can use bold colours and encompass traditional African symbolism in a contemporary way to emphasize how beautiful and brilliant African-inspired art can be. Together, we wanted to showcase our shared strong values through the best means we know how = a water bottle.

The ‘Owusuism’ GiveMeTap collection showcases some of Sarah’s work in a really exciting way.

Extra Give Back

Every ‘Owusuism’ GiveMeTap bottle purchased will give someone in Ghana 5 years of clean drinking water. What's more you’ll be supporting not only local talent here in London who is challenging the way African art is used & portrayed.


There is nothing quite like meeting the very people on these bottle that you'll be supporting! Over the next 3 months, our goal is to helping another 3000 people get clean water. 

For the next 3 months, when you get buy a bottle, you get automatic entry into a draw to come join us on our next Water Trip. Learn more>>

OMG - Lets do this!

Designs to spark a conversation

With unique designs we can grabs people's attention and make them aware that they can stop using environmentally single-use plastic bottles and fund water projects globally.

Below are some cool people that have partnered with us so far.