Kim Joyce Peace Be The Move

  • Water is the elixir of life, and everyone should have access to it. In collaborating with Give Me Tap, Kim Joyce pledges to make a difference not only abroad but right here at home. Your support means the world to me, but it also means 5 years of clean drinking water for a person who, right now, doesn't have access to it.

    First 11 bottles are going for $11 use discount code PEACE.
    The first 25 orders will also receive a personally signed bottled and special 'Thank You' from Kim. I'm looking forward to this wonderful journey with you all.

    You also get free water refills from over 800 locations with The Water Network.

    What’s more, every GiveMeTap bottle sold provides someone living in Africa with 5 years of clean water. Now that’s what we call win-win-win.

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The story behind the bottle

My Name is Kim Joyce, I am an independent singer, songwriter, and musician from Metro Detroit. I make music from the soul and for the soul, so of course you can say I do soul music, but its also hip-hop, jazz, rock, and r&b. Music is the bait, changing the world is the mission. I want my talent to impact the world for better, which is why I am so excited to be collaborating with Give Me Tap. There is nothing I would rather see than to help my beautiful people of Africa get clean drinking water. There's also not much I'd like to see more than to help reduce the number of the 50 billion plastic water bottles being wasted every year.

Water for Flint

Additionally, I'm from Metro Detroit. My address was not in Flint, but it is still a hometown of mine, where friends and family grew up and still reside, where I played basketball games and visited often. The Flint water crisis deeply saddens me. To this day the city still struggles to provide clean water to their residents; right here in the USA, home of first world problems. I've mentioned the water issue in my one of my latest singles and in the official video for the song, "We The People' that I released July 2016.

As part of our 5th year celebration, GiveMeTap has launched a brand new initiative to work with a talented artist and use their artwork to bring GiveMeTap bottles to life. Kim Joyce's work.

Extra Give Back

Every bottle gives 5 years of clean water to someone in Africa and 15% of the sale is donated directly to helping families in Flint, Michigan to get clean water too.

Designs to spark a conversation

With unique designs we can grabs people's attention and make them aware that they can stop using environmentally single-use plastic bottles and fund water projects globally.

Below are some cool people that have partnered with us so far.