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Meet the people behind the bottle!

Edwin - The Water Guy

I started GiveMeTap while I was studying for my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Manchester. I realised how hard it was to access water around campus and decided to do something about it.

While pitching the business at various events, I kept on being approached by people with 'Hey! Are you the Water Guy?'. The name stuck and now I aim to spread the gift of water to everyone! Here are the people who are helping me hydrate the World!

Sanum - The Chatterbox

After finishing University in 2013, I am now the first employee & co-founding member, heading up PR, Marketing & Sales. I like to think I'm saving the World, one press release at a time!

How did I get my name? Edwin realised after my first week at GiveMeTap that I cannot stop talking so it only seemed fit to call me the Chatterbox!

Waleed Lakhani - The Plumber

I too studied at the University of Manchester, so naturally it wasn't long before I heard about GiveMeTap and it's mission to bring clean water to the world. I initially got involved as an intern in 2013 and then joined as employee #2 as soon as I graduated.

As The Plumber, I'm responsible for Sales as well as maintaining and building our network of Taps. You'll usually find me either pitching / selling GiveMeTap or looking for new cafes and restaurants to add to our network.

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