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Innovation Insanity. 67 Innovations - GiveMeTap is a Generation G enteprise

by Ashley Warner July 06, 2010

No. 6 GiveMeTap lets consumers in the UK refill their water bottles for free at participating cafés. Beginning in Manchester, GiveMeTap has signed up numerous restaurants and cafés willing to supply free access to clean tap water; said providers can be located via PC or smartphone using GiveMeTap's mapping service. In order to partake, consumers need to be carrying one of GiveMeTap's branded aluminium bottles, which are priced at GBP 7. GiveMeTap uses 70 percent of the profits from those sales to fund independent water projects in regions where they're most needed.

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Ashley Warner
Ashley Warner


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Google for Entrepreneurs supports the GiveMeTap African clean water initiative

by Sanum Jain March 03, 2015

Buy a GiveMeTap metal water bottle, download the app, and a person in Africa gains access to clean drinking water. Google for Entrepreneurs has played a key role in GiveMeTap’s success from the beginning. It offered Founder Edwin Broni-Mensah a space to build a tight-knit team as well as an opportunity to be mentored by Google.

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by Sanum Jain November 10, 2014

The Lovie Awards would like to honour Edwin Broni-Mensah with The Lovie Emerging Entrepreneur Award for starting the incredible social enterprise GiveMeTap right from his dorm room at university, and for using the Web to help people get access to clean water.

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Popping Up & Tapping Up in Birmingham.

by Sanum Jain May 01, 2014

A social enterprise with big ambitions to create a world where drinking water is free to all, is appearing in the Bullring this week.

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